The role of an agent or broker in today’s mobile environment involves a large quantity of mobile and time sensitive tasks. Innovative technological applications are helping to simplify the workload of agents and brokers while at the same time increasing productivity and streamlining workflows. However, in today app-centric world with the influx of new apps for real estate agents hitting the market on a daily basis which are the most user friendly, effective and cost effective for Australian real estate agents and their business. Below are some 8 of the Real Estate Apps in Australia we’d say are a necessity for all agents..


Camscanner is an application that allows users to scan and store business card information, digitising your small pieces of cardboard. The app features a scan that works by using a phone camera function. After taking a picture, the app recognizes the edges of the sheet and crops it to fit on the phone’s display. Users can then print the scanned documents using nearby printers through Bluetooth, search for contacts and share among their devices. This can be a wonderful app for realtors reducing the need to carry mountains of business cards and organising their contacts in one simlple click.


This cloud-based application is used for file sharing and collaboration. It is available on different operating systems such as Windows, Androids, and iOS. The app can help real estate agents organise their client’s files and access them whenever anywhere. Dropbox comes with 2GB free and up to 100GB on various plans.

Open House ID

In today’s digital landscape it’s all about Data, Data, Data. Open House ID is one of the best Real Estate Apps that has been specifically designed for the industry and more specifically to agents. This helps them to maximize the data collected at open houses and make better decisions. The application offers a polished interface that makes the realtor’s work easier. For instance, it is an alternative to paper sign-sheets and therefore helps to improve interaction with clients. Also, the agent can display listing pictures to show to prospective customers. Furthermore, the application features a filter that shows client leads landing pages for different listing and email leads. Open house ID can be linked with various social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Proply App

This app allows you to send simple, fast and beautiful proposals to your clients. This app allows real estate agents to send fully interactive, web-based proposals to both vendors and landlords, with real-time alerts, analytics and the ability to immediately re-market directly into their social media feeds. Clients can accept your proposal, on the run, with only the single click of a button.

Open Home Pro

This app allows agents to manage and make the most of the information they gather at inspections. Like Open House ID it digitally tracks who visits your inspections, with the ability to automate your email follow-up and act on hot leads first. Furthermore, the service enhances social media traffic with one touch email and social sharing. The app saves you plenty of time after an open and helps eliminate one more piece of paper from your desk.

Tap Mortgage Australia

Most home buyers choose to finance part or all of their payments through loans. Tap Mortgage Australia helps real estate agents calculate mortgage repayments for their clients and potential buyers. The app allows agents to enter data with self-expanding sliders and calculate a quick monthly rate. It’s designed for efficiency, speed, and ease of use with real-time calculation.


This app allows real estate agents to quickly and professionally create professional floor plans and work estimates by simply taking a photo of a room. This app creates floor plans from simple photos and can digitally furnish a plan, attach 360 pictures for virtual tours, export plans and publish them to the web or store them on the MagicPlan cloud.


With the recent increased use of social media, essential tools for real estate agents cannot be complete without Hootsuite. It is a management application that can help agents to manage various social media, schedule content and engage with the audience. This means that the agent can build strong brand awareness and easily increase online presence. The key is to maintain regular updates and content that resonates with tenants and property owners. Hootsuite also features a dedicated area for analytics that helps to track followers. The best part of this application is that it is free and can enable a user schedule over thirty posts in a month.

We hope you find these 8 real estate apps useful and helpful. These apps should streamline and simplify the life of a busy real estate agent and hopefully allow you to focus on what matters most…. The client!

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