It’s a cliche to say that times are tough for small businesses, but the truth is that times are always tough for small businesses. Finding ways to save money or increase revenue is always a top concern. It’s not often that a small business can find a way to do both. That’s just how we can help your business with managed IT services. Here are 6 ways that we can help you achieve success.

1. Saves You Time

If your business is not an information technology business, you are probably not an IT expert. This is ok, you are an expert at what your small business does. You know your market, you know your customers, and you know your product. Computer systems are just that tool that helps you make more money. If you are spending too much time on computer or data issues, then you aren’t being as efficient as you can be and not taking full advantages of the benefits of a computerized business.
Fortunately, you can have someone else manage your systems and get back your time for doing what you do best. We save you time, plain and simple. You don’t have to worry about a server going down or have to learn how to delve into the mysterious art of mail server configuration. You do not need to spend hours googling how to add a virtual server to an Apache server. Your information systems time commitment will vanish.

2. Reduced Information Security Risks

Just about everyone has heard about hacking and cyber threats. Cyber attacks are not limited to just big businesses, healthcare providers, and politicians. Small businesses can be just as much of a target as anyone else. Cyber criminals are trying to find chinks in any armor they can find. In fact, small and medium-sized enterprises can be bigger targets because they lack the budgets to invest heavily in information security. Many of the security configurations are done in house and the latest security patches may not be installed.
A big part of mitigating information security risks is performing regular backups. A backup should be made to an offsite facility to ensure that the backup is available in case of a physical threat to the system.
We can cut down these security risks considerably and provide handle your data backups. Instead of trying plug up security holes after they have surfaced, you can sleep well because we are proactively securing your systems. You know that your data is safe from cyber threats.

3. Better and Easier Compliance

Are you archiving your email? Are you properly securing your customer information? Do you maintain protected health information on your computers? These are just a few compliance issues that business information systems need to keep in mind. Imagine the costs from lawsuits or fines from not being in compliance? There is a myriad of laws concerning privacy, data protection, and even legal discovery. It’s getting more and more difficult to navigate these laws and regulations and how they affect business information systems. This can turn into a full-time job just keeping track of these changes and ensuring that your computer system is in full compliance with relevant laws.
Having someone manage your office technology means that you can focus on your business and what you do best instead of studying compliance regulations and ensure that your system is in compliance. We have the experience and knowledge to ensure that you meet all business information compliance rules. Keeping up to date on new laws is exactly what we do with our managed services.

4. Improved Uptime

Downtime mean no work in these heavily tech-centric days we live in. Not being able to access ordering systems or email means that sales are lost or important information is unavailable. Data systems are the lifeblood of any business, small or large. Keeping your systems up and running with enterprise grade uptime can be difficult. When your email server is down, how long do you take to get going again? What happens when files are available for a business presentation? Downtime means a loss in productivity.
We know how to keep track of your systems and ensure that potential problems are dealt with before they become an issue. Failing components can be replaced before they fail. Any failure can be quickly resolved so that information system headaches are reduced or even eliminated. Your focus can be on your business and what you do best.

5. Better Growth Orientation

As your business grows, your information system demands increase. Systems get larger and file storage needs grow exponentially. A system that works well for a small one person office becomes unwieldy and inefficient when several more employees come on board. Security issues rear their ugly head with more people involved in the network. keeping everything in order while having an efficient workflow can be a difficult task.
This is where we excel. We can help you put together systems that are scalable. Instead of systems that groan under growth burdens, your systems will handle growth and even perform better with heavier usage. You’ll be capturing more actionable data and putting your growth to work.

6. Lower Cost and More Revenue

The last reason why your business needs managed services is probably the most important reason and that’s to lower your costs and increase your revenue. By having a trim infrastructure and reducing capital expenditures, your business costs can decrease. Reduced time spent on computers can be spent on increasing productions and sales. These produce a profit double whammy of lower costs and higher revenue.
We can work with you to find the right mix of managed computer products that meet your business needs. As your business grows, you can add the services that you need and better customize other services that you are using. You’ll minimize your tech spending for your business needs which helps you optimize your business profitability.


Our managed IT services can help your systems stay secure and in compliance with enterprise grade uptime. If you are ready to decrease costs, decrease time commitments, and increase revenues then now is the time to find out how we can specifically help your small business with our information technology managed services.

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