Stop Using Vulnerable and Outdated Email Practices such as POP and IMAP and Embrace Office365

Want to free up resources, reduce costs and create a highly available email service that is accessible in the office and on the go in a seamless manner? We need to move away from outdateed email practices such as POP and IMAP. With this we want to send the service to the cloud and there’s no better email service than Microsoft’s Office365. We want to move away from dated email services such as POP and IMAP and even an onsite exchange. In today’s world where 66% of emails are opened on a mobile device, we need our mobile devices to have access to everything our desktop at the office does. We need our calendars to sync between our mobile phones and our work computers, we need our contacts to sync, we need our folders to sync and we need to be able to access all of this at any time on safe system.
With Office 365 you have all the aforementioned features plus more with no huge infrastructure outlay and only a small monthly subscription. Dependant on your subscription you can also bundle your Office suite program and have access for 5 devices per user. That means your laptop, your desktop, your tablet, your mobile phone and your home office computer will all have the latest Office programs, all speak to each other and sync seamlessly together in complete unison.

Why Should We Move Away from POP?

Why do we have to move away from our POP emails? POP emails are stored on the local computer, unless your backup system is 100% fail safe across the entire organisation your email data is highly vulnerable and potentially may be damaged due to a number of reasons, such as: hardware failure, environmental issue, viruses to name a few. These same systems do not sync across devices and may require difficult set ups. All Office 365 email accounts are accessible from a web portal on any device, just go to and you can access all your information in one convenient location. Set up is extremely easy on each device and the data is secured and highly available without the need for constant backups.
See the below infographic for further information.

POP vs Office365

Email comparison chart, POP vs IMAP vs Office 365

Email comparison chart, POP vs Office 365

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