Home Computer Services

home computer services

Payneless Computer Solutions is your computer repair company when it comes to servicing your home computer. Whether it is PC or laptop repairs, we also believe home users should not have to take time out of their busy days to disconnect and carry their computer into a shop. We are more comfortable when you are comfortable in your home. Also, we offer free pick-up and delivery for PCs and printers which require greater attention and diagnosis.

We can also offer limited support on popular software packages (MS-Office, Adobe Suite, etc). This is important because software evolves much more rapidly than hardware. We encourage our home users to utilize backup software and cloud storage and will assist them with their setup.

Our top-notch technicians will arrive at your house and assist you with that computer issue that is hindering your work, study or play. Our services are guaranteed with our NO FIX NO FEE policy and all work is charged at FLAT RATES so you will never be frightened of an unexpected bill again. Isn’t that what you expect from a computer repair company?

These days we can network almost everything in the house from our computers, mobile phones, TV’s and even our fridges. Learn how to create a full network solution for your family to enjoy the entire benefits of modern day networks.
Our Residential services include:

  • Installation and repair home computers
  • Laptop repairs
  • Printers of all models
  • Home network setup
  • Computer tune up, optimization
  • Data transfer from existing computer to new
  • Software installation
  • E-mail set up
  • Malware, spyware and computer virus removal
  • Printer, scanner, wireless network, camera and other peripherals support
  • Computer/network security
  • Setup and training of new devices
  • Basic computer training sessions.

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