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What is a virus? How do I get viruses? And how can I protect myself?

What is a virus? How do I get viruses? How can I protect myself from a virus? What is Malware, Adware, Ransomware or Trojans? These are questions I am asked constantly by clients after their machines have become infected with nasty and detrimental computer viruses. Let’s address these questions and see if we can start…
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Ensure ALL Your Photos are Backed-Up and Safe Automatically

Our memories, our experiences, our most valued moments all captured in a single frame. When I visit client's houses or business I'm constantly asked the same question, how do I back up my photos automatically and make sure they are safe? So.... How do we ensure we keep these moments safe, backed up and secured…
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Set Up Netflix On Any TV In Just Minutes

Want to stream your favourite movies and TV shows but don't have a smart TV? In this post we'll learn how to set up Netflix on any TV in just minutes with just 2 items, your smartphone and a Google Chromecast. When arriving at clients places of business or residence to provide IT support I…
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What Email Solution is Best for Your Small Business?

The Different Types of Email and What's Best for your Small Business Many business owners make the mistake of assuming email is a monolithic technology that is the same for all users and businesses alike. Nothing could be further from the truth. Electronic mail is more accurately described as a platform upon which various services…
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